Birthers Are Pawns

By now, everybody, or should I say, most Americans realized that fear mongering begets anger and nobody does fear mongering better than FOX and Friends. Those “Friends,” include, but are not limited to, conservative talk radio hosts, conservative Bloggers and political pundits. Keep that in mind, because fear mongering has everything to do with sizing up potential Birthers as a source of money, influence, sex, and power. Contrary to what our corporate media elites say, Birthers were not an immaculate conception. C’mon, our corporate media elites opened Pandora’s Box on those Birthers and the rest is Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Oh, my bad, you didn’t know? Here’s the long and short of it. FOX’s fear mongering beget Birtherism, Birtherism beget Donald Trump, and Donald Trump beget Traitors. Traitors have a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of other. Deceit and betrayal permeates their thinking. They exploit others for their own personal gratification. Donald Trump betrayed the Good Ole Boys back in 2011, when he seized the birther movement, and today, traitors like Cruz, Rubio, Christie, and others are coming out of the woodwork. One of their missions, is to annihilate Donald Trump. Why? Because revenge is a dish best served angry.

However, our corporate media elites have no qualms deploying political pundits to reiterate their fantasy. You know, the one where Donald Trump had tapped into the anger of millions of Birthers. Get this, we’re suppose to believe that once upon a time, these same angry folks were happy and content. Suddenly, and without warning, these happy folks became angry, without no provocation. Then lady luck knocked on Donald Trump’s door, and violá, Trump seized upon this anger and turn it into gold. Well the first thing you know, Donald Trump is a uniter. Yea, I know, funny. Don’t be fooled, most of us know that FOX and Friends had sowed the seeds of anger by fear mongering, and lets face it, today there are millions of Birthers addicted to fear. Knowing that and feeling that, you may have a little empathy for Birthers. How would you like living in fear, constantly being drenched with fear mongering? Angry from the time you awake, until the time you close your eyes to fall asleep. That has to take a toll on one’s psyche. Listen, I know why a caged Birther sings!

Donald Trump’s new slogan, You are not a failure until you begin to blame somebody else and stop trying.” Birthers stop trying a long time ago.  

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