Glass Half Full, Glass Half Empty

President Obama’s cup runneth over. He’s a Phenomenon, a 21st Century  Strategic Genius. For astute observers, President Obama’s brilliancy was always in plain sight, but for millions of Americans, their ego’s dominated the way they perceived him. Millions of Americans, AKA, Birthers, attributed their transgressions onto President Obama. For example, a elected official who is a bonafide coward constantly accuse President Obama of being a coward. Listen, I ain’t mad at cha, I just prefer to see my glass half full.

Donald Trump’s new slogan, “You are not a failure until you begin to blame somebody else and stop trying.” Donald Trump stop trying a long time ago, but luckily for him, millions of Birthers did the same thing. Violá, the only reason why Donald Trump is leading in the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination polling. I rest my case! 

For decades, our corporate media elites held Birtherism in high esteem, but the best part, unbeknownst to the Birthers, they were being manipulated. Interesting enough, back in 2011, Donald Trump either knew or stumbled upon the treasure chest of Birtherism and the rest is betrayal. Donald Trump betrayed the corporate media elites back in 2011, by seizing the birther movement, and today Trump is the face of the Republican Party, while Republican Traitors are coming out of the woodwork. If this was a novel, my perfect title would be, “Fifty Shades Of Narcissism.” 

Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, and that’s the way millions of Americans perceive him/herself. Girls Rule The World!

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