I Know Why A Caged Republican Sings

It must be hell for Republicans to witness President Obama’s victories of successes, while simultaneously, feeling the agony of defeat. Here’s the truth, Republicans are responsible for their own behavior, yet in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they’d found a scapegoat or two. The good news for Progressives, we know why a caged Republican sings.

Add Flint, Michigan to the list of, “Small Government Ideology Scams.” To include, but not limited to poisoning children. Where are the Pro-Life people on this matter? Enquiring minds want to know? Ok, back to the story, once elected, Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder ended Democracy for same residents of Fling, Michigan, in a scam known as, “The State-Appointed Emergency Manager.” I think it’s safe to say that perpetrating scams are a virtue in Republican circles. Well, I ain’t mad at Republicans, no, because underneath their patriotic veneer, the art of scamming. It’s so obvious, even a caveman could figure it out. Here’s the scandal, Liberals/Progressives/Open Minded People are not the ones being bamboozled by Republicans. Oops, did I let the cat out of the bag? Just kidding, wink. Listen, I’m happy for anyone with a good sense of humor, because you deserve to feel at ease with yourself and everyone else. What better way to achieve that ,than through laughter? C’mon, you’re laughing right now! 😀

How fortunate for Bloggers like me, having a cat’s bird seat to one of the biggest political scandals of the 21st Century, “The Road To Hell Was Paved By Super PACs.” HELLO, just ask the residents of Flint, Michigan.

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