Honey, I Shrunk Your Anxiety

Take a deep breath, exhale, relax, everything will be alright. Seriously, we have so much to look forward to. Did someone tell you this president election was going to be easy? Well, he/she lied. Let’s be real, our elections are money making apparatuses, boring won’t do, we want nail biting, down to the wire elections. We either love or not love how political pundit’s predictions are as bias as ever, making those who don’t agree with them, feel anxious and/or contentious. How familiar is it, that we go from zero to 100, on a daily basis, worrying about the outcome of every election? It’s time to get off that corporate media anxiety trap. They’re having fun at your expense. When all the dust settles, and the final outcome of this presidential election is over, there will be new challenges, regardless of who wins. Let us not forget, this too shall pass.

Girls Rule The World

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