Republicans Are The Greatest Teachers

Thankfully, Republicans are contentious people, because they’re teaching us how to manage our emotions. Seriously, it’s a win, win for Democracy. Imma be real, Political Power Brokers, i.e. a few Billionaires too lazy to run for political office, instead take the easy way out. You know, they sit on their cozy chair or bed to write a check, purchasing elected politicians to become obedient and docile towards them. That’s right, the game known as “Dominant and Submission,” is the preferred game for a few Billionaires seeking unchecked political power. Nobody plays this game better than a few Billionaires and Republicans. Check this out, Republicans willingly submits to a dominant Billionaire and/or to a dominant organizations. Oh, and by the way, being submissive all the time begets anger, and anger begets contentious. Now you know!

The King of Reality TV, Donald Trump, cunningly seized the birther movement back in 2011, while the Political Power Brokers cheered him on. Don’t get it twisted, Political Power Brokers are sometimes referred to as, “The Good Ole Boys.” Or as, “Corporate Media Elites.” Same differences. Ok, we straight? Having a sense of humor is the key to understanding Republicans. Because today, 2016,  Donald Trump is the face of the Republican Party and it’s all thanks to the Birthers. Now that’s funny. Even funnier, the Republicans Party is drench in birtherism coupled with the, “Lolita,” complex and my favorite Traitors. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Donald Trump used the Bill Clinton aphrodisiac card to reel in more Republican voters. Republican voters overwhelmingly prefer Bill Clinton as their aphrodisiac then Viagra, if that’s possible. Karma really is a bitch, because the rest of the GOP primary candidates are being annihilated by Trump, because they’re stuck in the, “Dominant and Submission,” reality. Truth be told, that’s 18th Century politics.

Girls Rule The World!

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