Hillary Clinton Is Aligned With Self-Worthiness

Listen, I ain’t mad at Hillary’s critics, no just the opposite, because they remain me that Hillary Clinton is aligned with self-worthiness. Check this out, many of Hillary’s Critics are mirror images of their judgement of Hillary Clinton. And because of that and coupled with their lack of self-worthiness, Hillary’s critics doth protest too much. Most women have self-worthiness, but for those who don’t, they’ll find a scapegoat and in politics, no one is a bigger target than Hillary Clinton. Most men have self-worthiness, but for those who don’t, they too find a scapegoat, and like their counter-parts, i.e. self-loathing women in politics, Hillary is the preferred target.

Ain’t no body bad like President Obama. Truth be told, all those pretenders out there conspicuously seeking attention by faking their bad boy image. You’re not fooling me, because those who do, don’t, and those who don’t, do!

Here’s an idea, instead of pleading with Republicans to make it easier for Americans to vote, why not encourage those who are severely impeded by Republican’s voter suppression laws, i.e. African-American and Hispanic voters, into getting a gun permit. Violá, we’ll see Republicans pass gun-control laws faster than they could say, “He’s coming to take your guns.”  

Girls rule the world!

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