Here Today, Gun Tomorrow

We, Americans are optimistic about our future and we’re looking forward to new challenges to our Democracy. Listen, Imma keep it real, Republicans are partying like it’s 1899. They’re relics, the world had passed them by, and the best part, they don’t even know it. They still believe in divide and conquer politics, in psychological manipulations, and in fear mongering. They exploit the weaknesses in others for material gain or personal gratification. Their only agenda is helping a few billionaires accumulate more wealth. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the rights and feelings of 99% of Americans. They kowtow often and without hesitation to extremists, while calling others weak. By now, the majority of Americans know that today’s Republican Party leaves a trail of wreckage behind them. Abandoning the Republican Party has never been so easy, thanks to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush…etc. We deserve better, you feeling me?

Why would any responsible gun owner be associated with a treacherous organization otherwise known as the NRA? It’s good to hear that millions of responsible gun owners are abandoning the NRA and for good reasons. The mistaken belief that the NRA is not a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun industry, is the reason for its success. But, the tide is changing and there will be no apologies from responsible gun owner for abandoning the NRA.

The political aspirations of millions of Americans are aligned with worthiness. We feel worthy of our Democracy and of great leadership. It’s why we elected President Obama twice. However, there are voters in America that are still manipulated by our corporate media elites. The good news is, that many of us have the opportunities to create 21st Century media.

Remember, girls rule the world and Income Equality is already here. We deserve a livable income/wage 😀

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