Responsible Gun Owners Abandoned The NRA’s Psychological Manipulations

Once upon a time, the NRA exploited others with psychological manipulations coupled with their Quid Pro Quo with many of our politicians, for the personal gratification of the gun industry. Today, the NRA’s stranglehold on our politics is pathetic. More and more gun owners are abandoning the NRA because of its callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others. Soon the NRA will be so small, it will fit inside a bathtub.

Talk about being on the wrong side of history, Republicans still believe they can keep Americans feeling insecure, while holding out the carrot stick of security. All I can say is, “Good luck with that.” 

On January 5, 2016, President Obama put the last nail in the NRA’s coffin and it felt so good.

Was it me, or did you see how candidate Hillary Clinton and others threw dirt on the NRA’s coffin after it was lowered into the ground?

Listen I get it, money and guns are holier than thou for Republicans, so I ain’t mad at cha. Keep paving that road to obscurity, all I can say is, “Ease on down the road.” 

Does it get any better than this, for decades the Good Ole Boys cultivated the seeds that grew into birtherism. You know, the complete manipulation of racists, homophobic, unstable, paranoid, fearful, and living in denial Americans for the sole purpose of divide and conquer politics. Then, Donald Trump seized the birther movement in 2011, while the Good Ole Boys cheered him on. Unbeknownst to them, [Good Ole Boys] they were being betrayed by Trump. As if that wasn’t enough drama, today Donald Trump is the face of the Republican Party to the chagrin of the Good Ole Boys. What ensue next was priceless. Republican traitors came out of the woodwork, the Good Ole Boys revenge against Trump, and the demise of the Republican Party as we know it. Is it wrong that I’m smiling? 😀


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