If You Don’t Know, Now You Do

President Obama is aligned with Infinite Patience and no amount of vilifying, obstructionism, and lies will defeat him.

Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom and no amount of insidious lying, bullying, and underhanded tactics will defeat her.

If you don’t know, now you do!

Trust me, a new political path had been ushered in, call it, 21st Century Democracy. You know, since 2009, we’ve been privilege to witnessing great leadership and guess what, we’ve grown accustom to it. We knew we were worthy of it and violá we have it. Truth be told, Republicans are clueless of being leaders and for that matter, on how to govern. Helping a few billionaires accumulate more money is not leadership, just saying!  It’s a good sign for Democracy when Birthers rejected, “established” Republicans for the likes of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. A narcissist and a traitor. Who would have thunk it, that Citizens United would be such an epic failure. Republicans believed in selling our Government to the highest bidder, then as if that wasn’t enough, they decided to stack the deck with Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression. Two more epic failures, but hey, what else do they have? Oh, my bad, a callous disregard of the rights and feelings of others. Some things never change!

I’m looking forward to new challenges to our 21st Century Democracy, and how the Republican Party will be so small, it will fit inside a bathtub.

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