Hillary Clinton Is A Strategic Genuis

One of the greatest politicians of the 20th and 21st Century. Does it get any better than that? She has a long record of success, that none of the other candidates can touch. Unfazed by Republican’s vile and vicious lies and smear campaigns against her, Hillary Clinton is unstoppable. Ok, Hillary’s critics are still reliving the 1990’s, but truth be told, they’ve fallen into their own traps. That jail they’d built for the Clintons, is the jail they’re occupying. Now that’s called, “Just Desert.”

As a new year approaches, astute observers can look forward to more Republican traitors coming out of the woodwork. Already, the 2016 GOP candidates are ruthlessly going after each other. Trying to sabotage the already failed campaigns of their, “competitors.” They’re exhausted by getting their asses kicked by the continue successes of President Obama. They have no where else to turn, execpt each other. Seriously, if you think Birthers are angry, just look at the faces of all those once smug Republicans, and violá, angry birds.

Happy New Years!

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