Green With Envy

Listen, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush and the rest of the GOP candidates are green with envy that the Clintons still have the, “IT” factor. Knowing that and feeling that, it’s easy to surmise why our corporate media elites are still obsessed with the Clintons. Nobody in this election has the, “IT” factor except the Clintons. Imma bet that Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush and the others in the GOP primaries are green with envy. Why? Because the Clintons have the, “IT” factor and quite frankly, the Republicans don’t. C’mon, I’ll admit that the narcissistic Trump and the Traitor Cruz bring a little suspense to the 2016 GOP Primaries, but truth be told, the Republicans are a snooze fest. You know and I know, that the Republicans do the same thing, i.e., indisiously lie, implement underhanded tactics, and find scapegoats to conceal their dishonesty and deceit. Well, at least racists, homophobics, Islamophobics, Hispanophobics, unstable, paranoid, fearful, and those living in denial have the Republicans to look up to.

I’m thrilled that some, conservatives and political pundits are reliving the 1990’s, and it appears that the Clintons are an aphrodisiac for them. Seriously, all they want to talk about is sex. Or should I say, their perceived sex life of Bill Clinton. Listen, I can’t make this shit up, some conservatives and political pundits are obsessed with Bill Clinton as much, if not more, than they were back in the 1990’s. These same folks, pretend that they’re anti-Hillary Clinton, but in reality, they’re green with envy. Why? Because after all these years, Hillary Clinton still has the, “IT” factor.

Trust me, Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom and she’s brilliant. What else would you call someone that makes conservatives green with envy?

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