Traitor In Plain Sight

If you’re like me, then knowing that Ted Cruz had betrayed Donald Trump, is hilarious. Guess what, Donald Trump is clueless, which makes this betrayal as awesome as the betrayal Trump perpetrated on the Good Ole Boys. You remembered, back in 2011, when Trump seized the birther movement while the Good Ole Boys were cheering him on. Today, thanks to the Birthers, Trump is leading in the GOP polling. But deceit never rest in the Republican Party, because Cruz took a page out of Trump’s playbook, and voilá, he betrayed Trump. Cruz is determine to seize the birther movement for his own personal gratification. Wicked indeed. C’mon, Cruz is one of my favorite traitors. You have to admit, Ted’s appetite for destruction precedes him. In October of 2013, he persuaded House Republicans to shut down our Government, then in March 2015, he signed that treasonous Iran letter. Everyone knows, or at least astute observers know, that once a traitor, always a traitor.

A funny thing happened on the way to betraying Trump. Recently Cruz played the, “Victim Role.” You heard it right, because of some cartoon drawing depicting his daughters as monkeys, Cruz saw a scam he couldn’t refuse. Like any opportunistic predator, Cruz played the, “Poor me,” in order to gain sympathy and money, while simultaneously attacking Hillary Clinton. Traitors like Cruz enjoy scamming weak and naive, i.e., racist, homophobic, unstable, paranoid, and fearful people. It’s all in a day’s work for Cruz.

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