Cruz Betrayed Trump

We knew this was coming, every since Donald Trump turned traitor and betrayed the Good Ole Boys back in 2011. Holy smokes, traitors are coming out of the woodwork, Republican style. First the Birthers betrayed the, “established” Republicans, then there were 47 Republican traitors in the Senate who signed that treasonous Iran letter, then the Freedom Caucus betrayed John Boehner, and now, the traitor Ted Cruz is betraying Trump. A circle of deceit, debauchery, and my favorite, backstabbing on steroids. Is it wrong that I’m smiling? đŸ˜€

How much you wanna bet that Putin and Cruz are in cahoots. Think about it for just one second. Diabolical at best, wicked at the very best. While Trump thinks that Putin favors him, Putin knew how easy it would be to, “seduce” Trump with flattery. Here’s the best part, Cruz will keep smiling to Trump’s face, while all the time trying to take Trump’s place in the GOP’s polling. Cruz in the poster child for, “Backstabber.” To any astute observer, Trump’s biggest enemy is Cruz.

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