There Are More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows For The NRA

Or, in other words, more and more responsible gun owners are abandoning the NRA and its psychological manipulations. Their complicity tends to diminish after each mass shooting, because the guilt is too overwhelming. For the next generation of responsible gun owners, the answer is crystal clear, we, the people of the United States, can live without the NRA.

Those who wish to conceal their true mental deficiencies, i.e. racism, homophobia, greed, paranoia, psychotic thinking, hallucinations, reckless fear, substance abuse, just to name a few, are easily manipulated by the NRA and have been for a long time. Responsible gun owners can no longer stand by and condone the NRA’s dishonesty and deceit. They know the NRA exploits others for its personal gratification, i.e. political power and money. Responsible gun owners know what they must do, the abandonment phase had begun.

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