While Republicans Pray, The NRA Will Prey

Some could say the the NRA is controlled by opportunistic, aggressive predators who will take advantage of politicians and gun fanatics. These predators are able to determine the politician’s and gun fanatic’s weaknesses, i.e. greed, cowardliness, racism, homophobia, paranoia, mental deficiencies, and use it to their advantage. As with any unhealthy alliance, the bond between the NRA predators and their victims is built on lies. These lies are custom made to conceal the NRA’s only true agenda, political power and profits. C’mon, the NRA doesn’t give a rat’s ass if Americans are hunted down and physically or emotionally harmed. However, the NRA is a generation away from being totally abandoned. As a matter of fact, the abandonment phase had already begun. Because we, the people, are so worthy of living without the NRA.


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