Republicans are guilty as charged. Don’t believe me, just watch them squirming around desperately trying to blame others for the blood on their hands. Yet, they can’t help themselves, they keep doing the same thing, i.e. finding a scapegoat for their own transgressions.


The burden of guilt is written all over Republican’s faces, but their innate capacity for finding a scapegoat has no boundaries. Republicans are the Charles Manson of the 21st Century. You know, they’re more like cult leaders, because they aid and abet home grown and foreign terrorists. Then after a home grown or foreign terrorist commits a mass shooting, Republicans receive more blood money from the NRA. But the human carnage they [Republicans] coupled with the NRA, leave behind them, exhausts their life energy. Their guilt causes them more physical disturbances then they would ever admit to. It weakens their power over others, and sends an nightmarish message of fear. Trust me, Republicans and the NRA are burden with mental and moral weaknesses. The good news is that more and more gun owners had and will cut and run from the Republicans and the NRA’s cult of fear.