Corporate Media’s Psychological Manipulations

By advancing their only agenda, i.e. accumulating more wealth, those who own our corporate media apparatus holds racism, homophobia, paranoia, and fear mongering in high esteem. Don’t get it twisted, we all know that the Good Ole Boys own our corporate media apparatus and their aim is to influence others through psychological manipulations. Listen, it so easy, even a cave man can do it.

Holy smokes, when your premise is that GOD is a dead white male, with a beard, who lives in heaven, with blond hair and blue eyes, you can bet that the art of frequently lying and cheating comes naturally. Or what I’d prefer to call, GOD complex on steroids.


Even better than that, withholding an enormous amount of the, “truth” i.e. selective attention to a few bible quotes, vs. paying attention to all bible quotes, because that would distract from our corporate media’s agenda.

If you listen carefully, religious extremists have a 6000 year old grudge against women. Why? Well, if you follow their propaganda, Adam, a white male, made from the image of GOD, created Eve, a white woman, created from one of Adam’s ribs is just linguistic code for, “White men are superior.” Then, if you believe in the story of creation, Eve was tempted by a serpent into eating fruit from the forbidden tree, thus committing the first sin. C’mon, I’m not mocking this story, but don’t you think that version helps perpetuate Adam’s superiority? Or better yet, that all white men are superior? Which may explain why today, Conservatives have no qualms callously disregarding women’s rights and feelings. Truth be told, Republicans kowtow to religious extremists, i.e. Pro-Life movement, or what I’d prefer to call, a wholly owned subsidiary of our corporate media apparatus. It would explain why terrorist attacks against Planned Parenthood are held in high esteem by our corporate media apparatus.

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