Sore Losers

Republicans/Conservatives are the definition of sore losers. Even when they tilted the scales with Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, they still lost. Today, the Chairman of the Republican Party is Donald Trump, a narcissistic extraordinaire.  Don’t get it twisted, Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican Party started decades ago when our corporate media apparatus decided to hold racism, homophobia, paranoia, and fear mongering in high esteem. Something about rating$profit$. The birther movement was born from this hybrid of insidious lying and deceitful propaganda. As we all know by now, Donald Trump seized the birther movement in 2011, and the rest is doomsday history.


Come to think of it, Republican politicians already afraid of their own shadows, accelerated Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party. By kowtowing to extremists, i.e. gun, religious, and racist fanatics, just to name a few, Republicans helped create the fertile ground for Trumpism to grow. Sore loser, you reaped what you’ve sown. 

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