The Great Wipe Hope

Thanks Donald Trump for wiping your ass with all the other 2016 GOP candidate’s Presidential aspirations. Truth be told, Trump embodies racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Hispanophobia, and paranoia, better than the rest. Which makes Donald Trump’s betrayal all the more callous. Think about it, Donald Trump seized the birther movement back in 2011, while the Good Ole Boys cheered him on. Today, 2015 Trump is an unstoppable destructive force within the Republican Party. Even Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression can’t put back together the Republican Party.


However, to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, “established” Republicans are trying to compete with Trump. That means going down to the mud hole of racist, homophobia, Islamophobia, Hispanophobia, paranoia, and fear mongering. Their expressions of fear are childish at best, anal retentive at worst.

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