The GOP Speak Little Bitch

Their lips are moving, but I don’t understand a word they’re saying, cause I don’t speak little bitch. Since we know that Republicans are members of the whiny bitch club, it’s no surprise they speak little bitch. Truth be told, Republicans are afraid of their own shadows.


Fear not Americans, Republicans talk the talk, but beneath their, “tough” veneer, they harbor cowardliness. It seems like only yesterday that they were afraid of CNBC moderators, today they’re afraid of Syrian refugees, tomorrow, who knows what they’ll be afraid of.

Maybe Republicans should grow some big cojones, then instead of kowtowing to all those NRA extremists, enlist them to go over to the Middle East and kick ISIL in their asses. I know that won’t ever happen, because just like Republicans, NRA extremists are all guns, but no courage.

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