Republicans Exploit The Following Weaknesses

In their constituents, i.e., racism, homophobia, islamophobia, and hispanophobia, just to name a few.  Know this, Republicans will never apology for  exploiting others for their own personal gratification, i.e. money, power, influence, and sex. Then in warp speed, Republicans stand on their pulpits preaching the gospel according to Gordon Gekko. You know, how greed is good. Seriously, if you really must know, their bible was written by Wall Street. C’mon, the only people foolish enough to believe in this scam, are Birthers, which, believe it or not, covers a wide range of Americans.

Say what you want about Progressives and/or Liberals, but we don’t live in denial and we don’t live in fear.

Holy smokes, I can’t wait for the general election to commence, because the GOP nominee will abandon the Brithers, i.e. racists, homophobics, islamophobics, hispanophobics, just to name a few, in warp speed.

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