Every Evangelical in America wants to live in Mr. Carson’s neighborhood, and why not, they love him. He’s their savior, the one to deliver them from all this evil. They’re convinced that Mr. Carson is a modern day Moses. Hallelujah, I get it, everybody needs a superhero, even Evangelicals. This is their time, because all the others had failed to live up to the GOD Complex. You know, those wolves in sheep clothing, Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Bush, Christie, and the rest of the 2016 GOP candidates. Holy smokes, Mr. Carson is no angel, oops I think his halo just disappeared.

Marco Rubio, you know, big pimpin’ spending G’s, want to put this entire credit card scandal in his wallet. Does he really think that Americans want to elect another Fox to guard the hen house? C’mon Rubio, others may be counting on your Quid Pro Quo, but seriously, Bush and Cheney still owe Americans trillions of dollars. Fiscal responsibility my ass, Republicans are nothing more than armed robbers on the loose in every state in America.

Girls rule the world