Mr. Roger’s Mask Came Off Ben Carson’s Face

Did you see Ben Carson, he was visibly upset, frustrated, and enraged at the journalists during his recent press conference. Listen, I’ll give credit, where credit is due, to the CNBC’s debate moderator, who exposed Ben Carson’s first skeleton, i.e. Mannatech, less than a week ago, and today, more and more people are having fun playing the, “What other skeletons are in Ben Carson’s closet.” game. Pundits can’t decide if Carson’s skeletons will put a monkey wrench in his Presidential aspirations, or give him a boost. Journalist can’t decide which skeletons to talk about, there are so many coming out at once. Apologists for Carson, can’t decide which skeletons to dismiss or at least minimized the potential dangers to the campaign. Supporters of Carson can’t wait for him to walk on water or at least grow wings. Me, I can’t wait for Carson to announce that he’s ended this charade.

Big Pimpin’ Spending G’s’ Marco Rubio and his posse of apologists have their hands full too. Rubio been hustling a long time, now his skeletons are rattling in his closet. Just when I thought Jeb Bush’s campaign had hit rock bottom, “Jeb Can Fix It,” seriously, that dumb ass slogan sank faster than Jeb’s poll numbers, and from where I’m standing, Marco Rubio’s campaign took a long walk, on a short pier. Listen, I can’t make this shit up! šŸ˜€

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