Crippled America Is A Metaphor For, “The Egos of the 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates.”

Donald Trump single-handedly crippled the egos of every 2016 GOP Presidential candidates, except Ben Carson. That’s very impressive, if I may say so myself. Trust me on this, Donald Trump is just getting started. His new target, Marco Rubio, and already, Rubio is feeling the heat. What makes this scenario so delicious, Marco Rubio is nothing more than a Baller. You know, a thug who made it onto the political stage with cunning, deceitful, and ruthless behavior. Come to think of it, cunning, deceitful and ruthless behavior are prerequisites for becoming a Republican. So yea, Marco Rubio does impress this Blogger, so I ain’t mad at cha.

I think it’s safe to say that Marco Rubio’s opponents and/or supporters won’t be so inclined to compare Rubio to a younger President Obama. C’mon, unlike Rubio’s true weaknesses, i.e. Big pimpin, spending G’s, Conservatives rushed to judgement when it came to President Obama. You know, their birtherism scam that backfired on them, because Donald Trump betrayed Republicans by becoming the birther king while they [Republicans] cheered him on. Today, only because Trump is the birther king, he’s leading in the 2016 GOP’s Presidential polls, crippling the egos of all the other Republican candidates except Ben Carson. Sometimes, Karma is a Mitch!

I get it, why so many Conservatives prefer living in the 1990’s, you know the decade of Fmr. President Bill Clinton administration. Listen, I don’t blame them, those were some fun times. How do I know? One, I was there, and two, why would so many Conservatives still refuse to leave the 1990’s? Of course this is the same crowd berating Democrats for reliving the early 2000’s, you know when Bush and Cheney crippled America.

I can only speak for myself, but Donald Trump’s Betrayal, Ben Carson’s Two-Facedness, and the cunning, deceitful, and ruthless behavior of others masquerading as Politicians, is priceless. The best part, it’s real time, so enjoy it, like I do. 😀

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