Paul Ryan Gave Into The Temptation Of Feeling Unworthy

How do I know? Because of his immigration debacle. C’mon, Stevie Wonder can see through Paul Ryan’s latest illusion. Nothing says “Uniter,” than Paul Ryan’s sleight-of-hand performances during the recent budget deal. He punk’d the Freedom Caucus to no end. So, what’s an illusionist to do, throw the Freedom Caucus a bone. A immigration bone, I might add, but here’s the real deal, Paul Ryan just solidified Trump’s perception of immigrants as one of the Republican Party’s platform. Thumbing your nose at millions of immigrants the same way Donald Trump did, just to appease a minority of Hispanophobes, masquerading as the Freedom Caucus, or in Donald Trump’s case, Birthers, is insane. Look, I realized Paul Ryan is a rookie at the SOTH gig, but did he not learn from John Boehner’s epic mistakes? You know, kowtowing to the Freedom Caucus is a recipe for disaster. Seriously, I ain’t mad at Paul Ryan, because I can’t make this sh*t up! 😀

Fortunately for Democracy, Paul Ryan’s used the Hispanophobe scam at the wrong time. There’s no tolerance for Hispanophobia in our 21st Century. Don’t you remember Paul Ryan, your party embraced, “All Lives Matter,” so stop hatin!

There are millions of reasons why Blacks and Hispanics support the Democratic Party, but two of those reasons are, because the Republican Party often and without hesitation kowtows to Negrophobes and Hispanophobes, you know, those who had been conditioned to fear people of African/Spanish descent. I get it, our corporate media apparatus holds these phobias in high esteem, something about rating$profit$.

I think it’s safe to say that Liberal minded people only see people, we honor every American’s worthiness to receive abundance.

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