The Republican’s Greatest Enemy Is Fear

Republicans/Conservatives spend a tremendous amount of time on fear tactics. Take for example the old, “Gun Confiscation” scheme, or, “Budget Deficit” scheme or the many other schemes designed to scare the bejesus out their constituents. Don’t believe me, OK, just listen to any Republican politician, or Conservative pundit, or read any Conservative blog, and you’ll feel exhausted from fear within thirty seconds. C’mon, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realized that the extreme Republican supporters are paralyzed with fear. Why, because they’d been conditioned to fear everything by our corporate media apparatus, something about rating$profit$. Trust me, It does matter to Republican politicians and Conservative pundits/bloggers that their fear tactics weakens the will power of their constituents. Fear is the key to a Republican society.

Holy smokes, how fortunate for the rest of us to see the destructive consequences of, i.e. Donald Trump’s Betrayal and Ben Carson’s Two-Facedness, within the Republican Party.  If you thought Sarah Palin’s fear tactics were a destructive force within the Republican Party, the trail of wreckage Trump and Carson will leave behind, will be irrevocable.

Listen, imma keep it real, I’m thankful that for the past six years and counting, our Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, felt and feels awesome.

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