How To Get Away With Insanity

Ben Carson is the epitome of a cult leader. Listen, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I ain’t mad at him. Seriously, if you listen to him for five minutes, you can easily see how he uses his soft spoken charm, scapegoating abilities, and religious flattery to seduce others. Oh, and by the way, it did help that FOXNEWS and other conservative media, were experts at this ploy, i.e. cultism. To say that Ben Carson’s rise to prominence in the 2016 GOP’s primaries was no accident, would be an understatement. The moral of this story, “When you play with insanity, you get extreme foolishness.”  

All eyes on Marco Rubio to win back the hearts of Republican voters, because many of them had felt jilted like a bride at the alter by, “established” Republicans and for good reason. Established Republicans mistakenly relayed on Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression to win back the Presidency, while simultaneously they took Republican voters for granted. As cunning as that was, Donald Trump’s Betrayal and Ben Carson’s Two-Facedness, threw a monkey wrench in the works. Today, all hell had broken loose, established Republicans are reeling in rage and frustrations, because their egos had been shattered beyond repair, due to loosing to Trump and Carson in the polls. Holy smokes, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, established Republicans found a scapegoat, Liberal media. Here’s the best part, Paul Ryan, the new SOTH, is nothing more than an illusionist. He duped the Freedom Caucus to no end over the budget deal. Karma is a bitch!

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