The Exorcist Should Be The Next Speaker Of The House

C’mon, you’ll have to admit that the Freedom Caucus is possessed. šŸ˜€ I ain’t mad at the Freedom Caucus, and from where I’m sitting, our corporate media apparatus ain’t mad at them. That’s saying something, something about rating$profit$, which by the way, is not a bad thing. The Freedom Caucus is awesome at representing their peeps. We all believe in something, why not believe that you’re superior? This attitude is not going away any time soon, so deal with it. Imma keep it real, becauseĀ appreciating what we already have, you know,Ā a host of Democratic leadersĀ representingĀ us. Us as in Americans aligned withĀ Infinite Patience, Wisdom, and Abundance, so yea, America is great!

What was suppose to be Trey Gowdy’s victory lap, turned into a long walk off a short pier. C’mon, you can’t tell me that Secretary Hillary Clinton is not aligned with Infinite Wisdom. As if you didn’t know, Trey Gowdy’s taxpayer-funded Benghazi Investigation Scam, had a snowball’s chance in hell of impeding Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

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