Hillary’s Critics Are Partying Like It’s 1992

Hello, I’m guessing that, “Free Stuff” isn’t free after all. Republicans give a few Billionaires, “Free Stuff” like tax cuts, then received generous donations to their campaign coffers. Then those same Billionaires bemoan paying more taxes, because buying Politicians is more of a priority in their world. So, in order to achieve that, they must insist on paying little or no taxes. Here’s the best part, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, Republicans point their fingers, in an effort to shame poor Americans for receiving, “Free Stuff.” Even better than that, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is all the, “Free Stuff,” I’ll need for this blog. Could it be that, “Free Stuff” is in the eye of the beholder? Oh, and by the way, I’m actually impressed by Hillary’s critics for partying like it’s 1992, I mean, any distraction that still works, is priceless.

The knee-jerk, sky is falling, Chicken Little reactions from Republicans at every thing President Obama eventually succeeds at, or if not, will take responsibility for and move on, has it’s benefits. Could it be, that the reason Republicans are so quick to criticize, because they don’t know any better? Holy smokes, you and I know that they would criticize Jesus. Listen, I’m just happy that our corporate media apparatus holds Republican’s knee-jerk behavior in high esteem. Something about rating$profit$. However, the key to this society is fear. So, if you sign up to live in fear, i.e. watch FOX, more power to you, I ain’t mad at cha, Republicans need you, more than you need them.

Truth be told, every American is worthy of abundance. I rest my case! 😀

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