Trump Will Deport 11 Million Republicans

That’s how Trump will make America great? Look, I get it, 50 shades of Narcissism never saw a scam he didn’t like.  However, it’s only because Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, that those 11 million Republicans have nothing to fear. C’mon, Donald Trump’s Betrayal, has its benefits. For example, Trump of all people knows that America is great, yet he paints a dark picture that America isn’t great, but could be great if he’s elected President of the US. This scam is worthy of this Blogger’s attention. Why? Because just like Trump, millions of people know that America is great, the only difference, millions of people don’t listen to negative voices, i.e. FOX, but hey, Trump’s in bed with them. Here’s the real deal, when you reject negative voices, you’ll find your own voice that says, “Everything is going to be alright.” Because you’ll have a knowing that America is great, will always be great, comes from greatest. You don’t have to make America great again, unless you’re perpetrating a scam.

I can only speak for myself, but  I look forward to new challenges, like Income Equality, because every American is worthy of a livable wage. Holy smokes, Trump’s Deportation Scam has its benefits, so no, I ain’t mad at Trump, because his Narcissistic behavior is held in high esteem by Birthers. It’s a win, win for Bloggers like me.

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