Birtherism Annihilated The Republican Party

What was once held in high esteem by Republicans, i.e. birtherism, is now a WMD within the Republican Party. It all started so cunningly, so deviously, so ruthlessly. Birtherism is 50 shades of racism. OK, the only question I have is, “Did Republicans really think birtherism would be a walk in the park? If someone told them that, they lied. Don’t believe me, just watch Republicans as they go to war with each other.

John Boehner kowtowed often and without hesitation to the birthers in his own party and how did they thank him? They betrayed him that’s how. I can only speak for myself, but I had a catbird seat watching this drama unfold. So, if anyone believes that Paul Ryan wants a bite of that poison apple, think again. Nobody in their right mind would sign up to kowtow to a group of Extremists until they betray you. C’mon, Raul Ryan may had been born at night, but it wasn’t last night, just sayin! 😀

Only an opportunistic predator like Ted Cruz would want to keep those birthers in the Republican Party on a short leash. I mean, Cruz just did an preempted strike towards Trump, bragging about how Trump’s demise would benefit his own campaign. After pretending to kiss Trump’s azz, Cruz took off his mask and the rest is traitorous history. I can’t make this sh*t up!

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