Republicans Are Crazy In Love With Narcissism

So it makes sense that the highly skilled Narcissist, Donald Trump is polling on top. Listen, having a sense of superiority, is one of the prerequisites of being a Republican. Better yet, our corporate media apparatus holds Narcissism in high esteem, so you can easily understand why Republican voters do the same thing. I ain’t mad at Republicans, because there’s a flip side to this coin. Democrats are aligned with Infinite Patience and Infinite Wisdom, we have a sense of gratitude, a prerequisite for being a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, American.

Passing power around is another prerequisite for being a Democrat. The more you give, the more you get. We keep it simple. Liberal media holds Gratitude in high esteem, now can you see why Democratic voters do the same thing. If loving Infinite Patience is wrong, I don’t want to be right! ;-D

Infinite Wisdom is no slouch, she’s the true definition of self-actualization. Are Democrats perfect? No, far from it, but honoring every American’s worthiness to receive abundance, has its benefits too. Americans, we do have a choice.

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