Hillary Clinton Is Aligned With Infinite Wisdom

It was Infinite Wisdom for Kevin McCarthy to brag about the Republican’s Benghazi Investigation scam. That’s how I know and now you know too. Today, in the minds of millions of Republican voters, doubts linger, because of their hurt feelings of being betrayed. How could one not be betrayed, by the Republican’s Benghazi Investigation scam? C’mon, the good news for Liberals, is that Republican Braggadocios are coming out of the woodwork. Oh, and by the way, betrayal begets revenge, and that’s when the real fun begins. So, it was very astute for Hillary’s toughest critics to warp speed away for the Republican’s Benghazi Investigation scam, onto new frontiers of scamming. I ain’t mad at cha, very impressive tactic to keeping millions of Americans feeling insecure while you hold out the carrot stick of security.  Your, “Be Afraid of Hillary Clinton,” campaign, has it’s benefits, for bloggers like me.

We should take Jeb Bush up on his offer that, “Stuff Happens.” That’s exactly what Trump did to Jeb Bush’s Presidential aspirations. It was Infinite Wisdom for the First American Political Dynasty, i.e. Bush family, to be defeated by 50 Shades of Narcissism. Oh well, stuff happens.

Say what you want about Ted Cruz, but his reputation, as one of the original #47 Republican Traitors, precedes him. In order to fulfill his high opinion of himself, Ted Cruz now wants every Republican led state to kowtow to him. Why, you asked? Because his failure to federally de-fund Planned Parenthood, secured him a place inside the museum of Denial.

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