Voting For A Gun Control Candidate, Just Became A Whole Lot Easier.

Republicans have one agenda, to advance the interest of the 1% through cunning, devious, and ruthless tactics at the expense of others. It’s one thing to unduly coerce others by keeping them feeling insecure, while holding out the carrot stick of security. It’s another thing to that in order to fulfill your high opinions of yourself, you find a scapegoat for the transgressions, you want to conceal.  Well, that form of ego-driven life makes blogging everyday feel exhilarating. Take for example, the day the 2016 Presidential election had a seismic jolt, when Kevin McCarthy bragged about how the Republican’s Benghazi investigation was a scam. C’mon, the only person not destroyed by that earthquake was the person Republican’s sought revenge against, Hillary Clinton.

Single-issue voters, when it comes to gun control, we can pass gun control legislation. Gun control legislation is an idea whose time has come. Every American deserves to feel safe within, and we now have a chance today, and in 2016 and beyond to honor every American by voting for gun control. Enough is enough, it’s time for gun control in America.

There are more anti-gun control candidates then gun control candidates for the 2016 Presidential race, so there’s no doubt that gun-control legislation is already here. Why? Because there are more gun control voters, then anti-gun control voters, and the decision to vote for a gun control candidate, just became a whole lot easier.

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