Fortunes Change And Sometimes For The Better

Think about this, Hillary’s fortunes changed right in front of our eyes, I kid you not, and the best part, the birthers played a major role. Birthers held bragging rights in high esteem, the reason why Trump is polling on top of all the other 2016 GOP candidates. OK, Kevin McCarthy enters the stage with his own bragging rights. The difference between Trump and McCarthy, Trump’s bragging rights meant he could taunt Hillary over her pole numbers, while McCarthy’s bragging rights just handed her….

In a way, you can’t blame Republicans for dismissing our security, because they have enough money to buy the best security. It may just be, that when you feel safe within, maybe it’s a big challenge trying to relate to those who don’t feel safe within? Two different worlds with a Grand Canyon size separation. So the question I have, “Is it or is it not futile to get Republicans to meet us in the middle? Or can we work on a different strategy, one that honors every American’s worthiness to feel safe within?” 

Drum roll, please, Pope Francis comes to America, leaves on a Thursday, the next day, Friday, Speaker of the House John Boehner resigns, but by that next Friday, because the birthers held bragging rights in high esteem, Kevin McCarthy had no qualms publicly bragging about one of the Republican’s revenge scheme against Hillary Clinton. Today, birthers are dealing with betrayal, because Republicans punk’d them again with their Benghazi scam, and Kevin McCarthy just handled Hillary, on a silver platter, the…

Kevin McCarthy is a diamond in the ruff. 😀

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