Same Modus Operandi, Different Faces

Have we, or have we not seen this behavior before? You know, when Bush/Cheney received faulty, made up, and cherry picked information, then use that to justified going to war. Yes, it’s a scam called, “WAR$.” Today, same M. O., just different faces. 2016 GOP candidates received faulty, made up, and cherry picked information from Extremists, then used that to justify going to war against Planned Parenthood. Here’s the best part, our corporate media had heavily invested into this story of “Selling baby parts,” as a prelude to controlling others with fear. Although their side of this story is fearful, I’m more interested in, “Who’s buying baby parts.” It’s simple, tell me who’s buying baby parts, or I’ll have no choice, but to believe that this war on Planned Parenthood, is just a scam to helping a few billionaires accumulate more wealth. Pepper in the eyes of women, is a refreshing drink to Republicans.

Now, I’m not saying he’s a gold digger, but Trump ain’t messing with no broke, wiggers. C’mon, Trump said it best, when he said, (I’m paraphrasing), “One could make lots of money running for the Presidency of the United States.” Hello, Citizens United made sure that running for the Presidency was a profitable investment for a few Billionaires. What was suppose to be a cake walk back into the White House, turned 180 degrees, and today, Donald Trump’s Betrayal, you know, how Trump became the Birther King, back in 2011, while the Good Ole Boys cheered him on, only to find out some four years later, that Trump betrayed them. Then, Trump’s brutal and hostile takeover of the Republican Party and the RNC, a feat he’d accomplished in three short months, scared the bejesus out of the Good Ole Boys. Remember Trump’s first ransom demand? I do, it’s was 9 billion dollars, and guess what, the Good Ole Boys paid it. Then came more demands from Trump, like, coercing all the other GOP candidates into signing a pledge to kiss Trump’s arse. C’mon, I can’t make this sh*t up!

By threatening to callously disregard the rights and feelings of millions of women in America, by de-funding Planned Parenthood, the GOP candidates are doing a piss poor job of distracting us, you know, from their brutal and ugly civil war inside the Republican Party. It’s on and popping. Speaking of popping, pass the popcorn, Donald Trump’s Betrayal released the Revenge Beast.  We’ll see more Republican Traitors coming out of the woodwork. We already know #47 Republican Traitors who feverishly sought to oppose the Iran Deal, only to be handed another defeat. Which may explain why the 2016 GOP candidates rush to condemn Planned Parenthood for no other reason than to fulfill their exaggerated high opinions of themselves. Looks like the wheels are coming off their, Selling Baby Parts scam, but I’m looking forward to their next scam.

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