Romancing Revenge

Tell you what, nobody romances revenge better than Donald Trump. That’s what so annoying to established Republicans and Conservatives alike. They can’t fathom how Donald Trump is kicking their azzes and taking numbers. However, Donald Trump’s brutal and hostile takeover of the Republican Party and the RNC, a feat he’d accomplished in three short months, had driven the rat’s off the sinking ship. C’mon, all their trash talking proved one thing, their bark is worst than their bite. John Boehner trashed talked like a pro, but what was unbeknownst to him, yet clearly visible to millions of Americans, Boehner was just kowtowing to Extremists.  So yea, I saw the glee in Boehner’s eyes, when he announced his retirement, it’s called Freedom. Boehner finally realized that kowtowing to the Extremists inside the Republbican Party, was bad for his health. How’d Boehner survived all these years, is amazing. Boehner really is a good man. I can’t make this sh*t up! 😀

Is she, or isn’t she? That’s the question enquiring minds want to know. Because, on one hand, our corporate media apparatus, presents Hillary Clinton as a woman who is kicking azz and taking numbers, but, on the other hand, she isn’t even close to kicking azz and taking numbers. I’m a little confused, first our corporate media apparatus loves her, then in the same breath, they hate her. OK, I get it, something about rating$profit$ from perpetrating the scam known as, “A thin line between love and hate.” Intriguing at best, cunningly wicked at worst. I love it, please proceed.

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