FOX Scared The Bejesus Out Of Birthers

In return, birthers were easily manipulated by Donald Trump. Isn’t it funny, how those who claim to be Jesus, do nothing more than scared the bejesus out of others. Take for example, Trump’s Deportation Scam. While it effectively traumatized millions of Americans with fear by threatening deportation, you know and I know that Donald Trump would piss in his pants if someone threatened to deport his Narcissistic azz. Not only that, his supporters would piss in his/her pants if someone threatened to take away their freedom. Here’s the best part, the mistaken belief that Trump is being honest, is the reason why his deportation scam is so successful. Nothing says, “I love you” to birthers, than Trump’s superiority complex. Why? Because the apple didn’t fall far from the forbidden tree. ;-D

All I want to say is, “It’s time to let go of fear, its not your fear anyway, it’s their means of controlling you.” Got it? Now, go live your life, fearlessly. Some things are just too big to conquer, so it’s OK, to ask for and receive help. In the case of greed, gluttony, and Trickle Down Economics, vs. Equality, Liberals asked for and received help i.e., Equalizers. Today, Equalizers are kicking azz and taking numbers.

Everyday that Jeb Bush remains in this Presidential race, I’m reminded how badly Citizens United failed. What was suppose to be another heist of our next Presidency in favor of Jeb Bush, had turned into an post-traumatic failure disorder for Citizens United. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, Jeb Bush’s campaign gets an eleven. I kid you not, I’d heard from a very reliable source, that someone believes Jeb Bush’s campaign could benefit from Scott Walker’s departure. Even if that’s not far from the truth, winning by default, how desperate is Jeb Bush? Jeb Bush will be remembered as a man living in denial, unable to face the facts that his $100 million dollar war chest, to annihilating anyone standing in his way of stealing the 2017 Presidency, is useless against his first opponent, Donald Trump’s Betrayal. It’s so bad, the cavalry was called in to help Jeb Bush, you know, our corporate media apparatus. But our corporate media apparatus ended up being coerced into kowtowing to Trump, which beget revenge and the rest is cunning, devious, and ruthless history.  I can’t make this sh*t up!


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