Republican Traitors Coming Out Of The Woodwork

I knew this day was coming, it was inevitable, grown azz Politicians, having tantrums on a daily basis, pointing their fingers at others, and calling others every name in the book. C’mon, this is a perfect moment, a gift from Literary Heaven, and my favorite, 21st Century Aesop Fables on steroids. To their credit, Republicans are well-versed in finding a scapegoat to conceal their own cunning, devious, and ruthless behavior. I’m impressed for one reason, it creates drama. Where can you find a more cunning, devious, and ruthless story? Well, one felled right into my lap and it’s a gem called, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal. For one thing, Republicans/Conservatives are at their best when behaving with superiority. Holy smokes, take the superiority complex on steroids, Club For Growth, brutal and hostile ad against Donald Trump. Look, everybody knows that Trump betrayed Club For Growth, and after betrayal, comes revenge. Listen, it was no surprise that Club For Growth publicly sought revenge against Donald Trump, via a hit piece ad, something about Liberals are the scums of the earth and Donald Trump is really a Liberal.The best part, can you blame Club For Growth for seeking revenge against Trump, you would too, if Trump betrayed you as badly as he’d betrayed Club For Growth. I can’t make this sh*t up!

Good son, gone bad. Trump betrayed the Good Ole Boys, back in 2011, when he cunningly, deviously, and ruthlessly seized the birther movement. Today, 2015, our corporate media apparatus is kowtowing to Trump, but hating every minute. Which makes the Good Ole Boy’s revenge against Trump, something to look forward to. I ain’t mad at Club For Growth for throwing Liberals under the bus while they’re seeking revenge against Trump. It’s the perfect cunning, devious, and ruthless ploy. I like it, it’s very sheek in politics, if you ask me.

100 million dollars vs. Trump’s Betrayal. Everyday that Jeb Bush stays in this race, I’m reminded that his 100 million dollar war chest, is helpless against Trump’s Betrayal. Knowing that and feeling that, can you blame Jeb Bush for seeking revenge against Trump. In other words, Republican Traitors are coming out of the woodwork, all aiming at, or aligning with Trump, and I for one, couldn’t be happier. 😀

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