Blessing Or Curse?

Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a blessing to me and I’ll tell you why? Because we’re a nation of behaving with superiority, meaning a lot of us find scapegoats to conceal our own transgressions. Listen, I’ve no problem promoting conning, devious, and ruthless behavior in a story, or in my case, blog post. Like it or not, conning, devious, and ruthless behavior pays BIG dividends. Especially if you’re a member of the Literary club. You know, writers of every genre, revealing in their creativity, imagination, and my favorite, gratitude. In other words, it’s like finding a treasure chest full of diamonds, pearls, gold and silver pieces, and passing it on, with the knowledge that you’ll reap ten (10) times more than what you’d sown.

Let it be know that I’m admitting, that I too am conning, devious, and ruthless, to be able to see myself in others. Now do you get it, why no judgments here. Listen, I get you Donald Trump, in this way. I really do appreciate your talents in all things betrayal. You’re an excellent teacher, if nothing more. So, I ain’t mad at you, Donald Trump, nor your supporters, because I’ve seen this movie before, and yea, I do know how this movie ends, but it’s still fun to watch. What can I say to Donald Trump and his supporters, other than thank you?

Holy smokes, I want to give a shout out to the person or persons responsible for the blessing known as, “Blame Hillary for creating Birtherism.” Is it not a blessing for Hillary, that our corporate media apparatus waved the white flag of defeat on Hillary’s email, but in warp speed moved onto, “Blame Hillary for creating Birtherism.” So does this mean that all those birthers will be voting for Hillary? Oops, now the cat’s out the bag! 😀

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