Carly Fiorina’s Accomplishments

Include, but are not limited to: As CEO of HP, Carly asked for help from her employees. Eighty thousands employees signed up to willingly help Carly. Some took pay-cut, while other opted to used their vacation time, but either way, hundred of millions of dollars were saved. In the six short months it took for Carly’s strategy to work in her favor, she decided that was the perfect time to abandon her employees by eliminating 6000 jobs. Betrayal is the only way to describe how 80,000 employees felt, coupled with their families. Imagine how painful it must of felt, knowing that in a few short years, Carly would, “resigned” from HP and receive a severance package worth over $42 million. It probably felt like a slap in the face, if you were one of the 80,000 employees who Carly betrayed. On a scale of cunning, devious, and ruthless behavior, I’ll give Carly a eight (8). C’mon, Carly is well-versed in finding a scapegoat. If you thought Carly’s past was impressive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Carly is Alexis Carrington on steroids. Some of ya know exactly what I’m talking about! So for me, in terms of blogging, it’s child’s play! ;-D

Now, I’m not saying she’s the gold standard, but Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments are impressive. C’mon, Fmr. First Lady, Fmr. Senator, and Fmr. Secretary of State, does it get any better than that? While those before Hillary Clinton had paved the path of Equality with their successes, Hillary did the same thing with her awesome accomplishments and she’s just getting started. I can only speak for myself, but Hillary and Carly both bring something of value to our political stage. While Hillary is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, Carly is aligned with betrayal. Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Relax, everything is going to be alright. This is a perfect moment to thank Hillary Clinton for her years of excellent service to our country. Girls rule the world! ;-D

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