I’m cool like that, you’re cool like that! 😀 Hillary dances like it’s summertime. She’s happier than a day at Disney World. She’s smiling like sunshine, and my favorite, she has the, “IT” factor. Listen, you won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Hillary Clinton has captured the hearts and minds of million of Americans because she’s aligned with Infinite Wisdom and Equality. The dynamic duo. Holy smokes, why else would our corporate media apparatus be so invested into her campaign? Everyone likes winning, just sayin!

Even better news, birthers were born on planet, Naivé, you know, they find it hard to accept the idea that Donald Trump is cunning, devious and ruthless. In other words, they live in denial. Anyhoot, they’d placed their doubts about their own birthplace onto President Obama. So excuse me, if I’m not that taken in by Trump’s lack of empathy towards Muslims. It comes with the territory of being cunning, devious, and ruthless. By determining other people’s weaknesses, and using those weaknesses to his advantage, I must admit, Trump is impressive, as far as being cunning, devious and ruthless . Oh, and by the way, nobody does it better than Trump these days. Not only that, Trump’s brutal and hostile takeover of the Republican Party and the RNC, in three short months, was brilliant. But, the cremé da la cremé, Trump coerced 16 GOP Presidential candidates to signing a pledge to kiss Trump’s azz. Wow, if that’s not cunning, devious, and ruthless, then somebody tell me what is! ;-D