Hillary Clinton Thinks American Voters Are Awesome

We’d elected, twice, one of our greatest President, if not the first most successful President in our history, President Obama. Liberals knew that the time of failure, i.e. Bush/Cheney era, was the best time for sowing the seeds of success. So, long story short, America is great. I ain’t gonna like, some of us take our political successes for granted, I ain’t mad at cha, been there, done that. Listen, imma keep it real, the reason I know America is great, because Donald Trump’s Betrayal, is like finding a treasure chest full of gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls. It’s from Literary Heaven. More successes, more problems. It comes with the territory of living in a Democracy. In the words of Dick Chency, “so what,” if Republicans paved the way for Donald Trump’s brutal and hostile takeover of the Republican Party and the RNC, a feat he accomplished in three short months. While Republicans watched their schemes, i.e. Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, falling apart at the seams. Then it became obvious, that the Birther King, i.e. Donald Trump, was the Bella of the ball, and all his twisted sisters were jealous of him. With jealousy came revenge. I can’t make this sh*t up! ;-D

Let me put this Muslim scandal to bed, “It’s a compliment to be called a Muslim, whether or not you’re a Muslim, doesn’t matter, because we’re all equal up in this bitch. Superiority is so overrated. Case closed! ;-D

Asking for Forgiveness, while casting stones at someone else, is the golden ticket for the moment, to receiving favorable attention from our corporate media apparatus. It’s funny, watching our corporate media apparatus, coerced those with the most skeletons in their closet, into making a fool of him/herself on a national stage, all for the personal gratification of our corporate media apparatus. In this case, it was quite simple, pump air into the deflated egos of 16 failing Republican candidates, creating the illusion of a heavy weight boxing match for each Presidential debates, and rating$profit$ are abundant. Abundance is abundance, who am I to judge. We’ve seen this movie before, but hey, nothing wrong with recycling.

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