When will Carly Fiorina’s Severance Package Worth Over $42 Million, Make it’s Debut?

So, here’s my question, “Who will benefit the most from Carly Fiorina’s failed campaign?” My answer is, “Donald Trump.” When Trump announced that he knows this game, he wasn’t lying. Would it be too far fetch to hearing that Trump or one of Trump’s Hitmen, landed a devastated, and hard blow on Carly Fiorina during the second Republican debate? And, it just happened to be her severance package worth over $42 million. You know it, and I know it, Carly would finally be introduced to betrayal and the look of her face, would be priceless. While in cahoots with our corporate media apparatus, Trump plotted the most devious ploy, which was to convince millions of viewers that Carly will prevail against Trump at the next Republican debate on CNN. OK, I ain’t mad at anyone who was seduced by the sizzling thought that a woman could defeat Trump. May I just interject, “Be careful what you wish for.” 😀 However, what you won’t hear on FOX, is that Carly Fiorina’s Achilles Heel will be making its debut at the next Republican debate on CNN. Trust me, the last thing Carly wants to discuss, especially since pointing her fingers at Hillary Clinton, is her severance package worth over $42 million. Here’s the best part of this ploy, Trump and our corporate media apparatus, knows all too well about Carly’s Achilles Heel. So, I say, what better way to pull the wool over Carly’s eyes, then by giving her a standing ovation for her tough stance against Hillary Clinton, then holding her in high esteem as the woman tough enough to annihilate Trump’s campaign. So, bravo to our corporate media apparatus for profiting from such a lucrative scheme, you know, seducing millions of viewers to this Carly vs. Trump match-up at the next Republican debate. All I’m saying, it would be the perfect moment for Trump or one of Trump’s Hitmen to introduce Carly’s Achilles Heel. After Carly’s severance package worth over $42 million, makes its debut, will there be fireworks streaming out of Carly’s head? Listen, being introduced to betrayal is one thing, but on national television, if front of millions of people, that’s a freaking nightmare. Seriously, it would then make sense for Carly to join Team Trump. Trust me, if Carly wants anyone to believe that she’s a devious business woman, then joining Team Trump, would help her cause. Trump may not take money from Lobbyists, but that rule won’t apply to his co-conspirators. Since Carly Fiorina had already proven her worth by betraying thousands of her employees, then receiving a severance package worth over $42 million, trust me, Carly would feel right at home in Trump’s campaign. The moral of this story, “Birds of a feather, plot together.”

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