I Feel More At Peace Today, Than Yesterday

I ain’t gonna lie, because I know everything is going to be alright. Knowing that and feeling that, is peace. Our elected officials are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing. Here’s the best part, those engaged in betrayal and revenge, are my BFF. So yea, Donald Trump’s Betrayal has plenti of benefits. Wink, wink ;-D First of all, Trump is the new Chairman of the Republican Party and the RNC, a feat he accomplished in three short months. Second, Trump coerced 16 candidates aspiring to become our next President, or should I say, President in name only, into signing a pledge to kiss his azz. Third, Trump’s supporters are addicted to childish and erratic behavior to the degree of overindulgence. Now that’s a recipe for lucrative blogging. I ain’t mad at Trump, his supporters, and our corporate media apparatus. Oh you didn’t know? Our corporate media apparatus holds Donald Trump’s Betrayal in high esteem, it’s a business decision, something about ratings and profits. So, there you have it, my own Aesop Fables for the 21st Century.

Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but for Republicans to hold Carly Fiorina’s amateurish and immature behavior in high esteem, tells me one thing. Republicans are partying like it’s 1899. 😀 That’s cool, because Fiorina’s chickens have come home to roost. Oh, my bad, you didn’t know, well let me tell you. In January 2001, Fiorina asked and received help from 80,000 employees to take a pay cut and/or use vacation time to cut cost and saved HP hundreds of millions of dollars. But, by July 2001, Fiorina betrayed all those employees by announcing that 6000 jobs would be cut. However, fast forward to 2015, while aspiring to win the GOP nomination, Fiorina was betrayed by Donald Trump, on more than one occasion, but our corporate media apparatus wants us to believe that Fiorina can and will knock Trump out of the race, while simultaneously, holding Hillary Clinton’s feet to the fire for their [the corporate media apparatus] amateurish and immature scandals. I kid you not, but here’s the best part, Clinton is kicking ass and taking numbers, but you won’t hear that on FOX.

Relax, take a deep breathe, exhale, because everything is going to be alright, there are no guarantees, all I’m saying is peace.

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