Childish Behavior Is Seductive

No ones knows that better, than Donald Trump’s supporters. The problem his critics have, they’re envious like a group of teenagers. We’ve all been there, done that, so there are no judgments here. As a matter of fact, I’m good, because I can’t make up this sh*t, you know, Donald Trump’s Betrayal. C’mon, after signing a pledge to kiss Trump’s azz, Jindal suddenly became tough, mean spirited, junk yard dog? What a farce, the only thing that happened, Jindal’s ego was crushed by Trump’s supporters and what ensued was childish behavior on steroids. I don’t know about you, but being at the bottom of any poll and the person on top is an Narcissist, and he coerced you into signing a pledge to kiss his azz, must suck. Also Jindal found out the hard way that he is irrelevant, unworthy, and he stank to his peers, because he won’t hesitation kowtowing to Extremists. What’s an ego addicted politician like Jindal suppose to do? It’s called revenge. Jindal had been seduced by revenge and I for one, couldn’t be happier, because a grown man’s erratic and jealous behavior has its benefits.

Listen, Trump told us about his intentions of annihilating the campaign of another opponent, after assessing that he’d desecrated Jeb Bush’s campaign. Trump does one thing and he does it well, annihilate the egos of those conspicuously seeking attention by publicly trashing him. Trump don’t play that, but he learned the hard way. After his unfortunate, embarrassing, and public annihilating by President Obama, which by the way, Trump had initiated the trash talking, i.e., birtherism, Trump realized he needed to pick on someone his own size. Who better than the other 2016 GOP candidates? Exactly!

Since the Good Ole Boys never saw Donald Trump’s Betrayal coming, its been fun watching them swinging in the dark, trying to knock Trump down. Trump is the Chairman of the Republican Party and RNC, does it get any better for Bloggers like me? I ain’t gonna lie, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is the crème de la crème, the cat’s meow, the winning numbers, and my favorite, finding a treasure chest full of gold, silver, diamonds and pearls.

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