H C Kicking Azz And Taking Numbers

Hillary is so good, to the degree that numerous Republicans are lining up to attack her, but here’s the real deal, she had to give them numbers, so they have to wait in a long line. However, some Republicans jumped to the head of the line, so anxious to attack Hillary before their number was called. Luckily for me, I have a catbird seat watching Republican’s childish behavior evoking other Republicans to seeking revenge. Most of us know how revengeful we can get, especially towards those who jump in front of the line. So, I ain’t mad at Republicans, no, just the opposite, they’re a gift from Literary Heaven. Holy smokes, I have Huckabee and Cruz fighting over a money shot with the newest con artist, Kim Davis, I can’t make this sh*t up! I have Trump, Cruz, Palin and a host of other con artists attending another Grifter’s Paradise. You know, where the addicted to fear, Republican base, come to get their, “fix.” Where fear merchants come to hawk their toxic rhetoric and make a quick buck or two. The best part, our corporate media apparatus holds this behavior in high esteem. It’s a business, so you can’t blame our corporate media apparatus, Drama sells, so yea, I’d do the same thing. Listen, I can only speak for myself, but this is a perfect moment to relax, take a deep breathe, exhale, and be amazed by the brilliancy of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

In other news, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is as good as it gets when it comes to plotting revenge, deceit, dishonesty, and my favorite, Republican Traitors coming out of the woodwork. C’mon, 16 grown-azz Republicans, signed a pledge to kiss Trump’s azz, on what planet? Seriously, the Republican Party had come down to that, no wonder their base is so enraged with them. I would be too, but better them than me. The moral of this story, “You reap what you’ve sown,”

Oh, and by the way, one could never get bored with winning, thanks to President Obama. 😀

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