GOD Created Woman In Her Image

Now that I have your attention, two can play that game! ;-D Seriously, the glass ceiling is an illusion, because there are no barriers. How do I know? Because Hillary Clinton is kicking azz and taking numbers. Don’t believe me, just watch. Here’s the real deal, the Good Ole Boy’s Achilles Heel is Donald Trump’s Betrayal. You know what that means? It means that the shoe is finally on the other foot. The Good Ole Boys were more than happy showing a callous disregard for the rights and feeling of millions of Americans, but today, they bemoan Trump showing them a callous disregard for their rights and feelings. May I remind you, that once upon a time, Trump betrayed the Good Ole Boys, while the Good Ole Boys cheered Trump on. Oops, they never saw Trump’s betrayal coming, and what ensued was childish and contrived behavior. Today, the Good Ole Boys believe that revenge is a dish best server cold. When faced with their own failures, the Good Ole Boys found a scapegoat, Hillary Clinton. However, it’s no surprise to me, that the critics of Hillary Clinton, are so naivé, they find it hard to believe that the Good Ole Boys are cunning, devious and ruthless. So, I think it’s safe to say, that the critics of Hillary Clinton, come from a long line of submissive behavior. It’s one of the many reasons they express envy and resentment towards Hillary Clinton, because she would never sign a pledge to kiss Trump’s azz. That pledge that Trump coerced the other 16 GOP candidates to sign, is so toxic that the Good Ole Boys are pulling their financial support from those butt kissers. Ouch! Seriously, Trump is now the Chairman of the Republican Party and RNC. The Good Ole Boys are plotting revenge against Trump, and my favorite, more Republican Traitors are coming out of the woodwork. Just call me, The Luckiest Blogger on Earth. C’mon, you can’t make this sh*t up! ;-D

In other news, the religious scammer, known as Kim Davis, has its benefits. She’s an excellent example of a predator waiting for their opportunity to swindle or scam others. You know this, because Cruz and Huckabee will take advantage of almost anyone they meet. They all exploit others for financial gain and/or personal gratification. We’ve seen this con game before.

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