If There’s A Cure For This, I Don’t Want It

The greatest Presidency with many more to come. If you thought President Obama was cool like that, there are others. She’s cool like that, I’m cool like that, you’re cool like that, we’re cool like that. So, don’t call my doctor, don’t call my mama, don’t call my preacher, no I don’t need them, don’t want them. Lyrics from, “Love Hangover” Songwriters: Mc Leod, Marilyn / Sawyer, Pamela Joan and performed by Diana Ross.

One thing all birthers have in common, is that their emotional state is depended on instant gratification, which by the way, is one of the reasons they love Donald Trump. Trump delivers often and without hesitation the act of humiliating others in public, which fulfills the instant gratification birthers desire. Been there, done that. Was born and raised on a steady diet of Instant Gratification, so one could say, I’m an expert. So, I ain’t mad at birthers, they need love too!

It had come to my attention, that Donald Trump had the upper hand on why Republican’s harsh criticism towards President Obama, was actually a self-portrait of those same Republicans. Knowing that and feeling that, I knew it was a cake walk for Trump’s brutal and hostile takeover of the Republican Party. However, in the Good Ole Boys haste to paint a picture of unity, while plotting revenge against Trump, Republican Traitors are coming out of the woodwork. You know these Traitors by their support of Trump’s Deportation Scam. Seriously, these Republican Traitors believe they’re entitled to having their financial needs met, without waiting. Instant Gratification behavior is usually offensive to others, but hey, diamonds are this girl’s best friend. Are you kidding me, Republican Traitors are gifts from Literary Heaven. You can’t make this sh*t up! ;-D

The moral of this story is, “If there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it.”

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