Donald Trump’s Brutal And Hostile Takeover Of The Republican Party

In case you’d been asleep for the last four years, let me catch you up, on what you’d missed, in terms of politics. In 2011, Donald Trump seized the birther movement, became the birther King, while unbeknownst to the Good Ole Boys, (who by the way cheered Trump on) the birthers would soon transcend color, race, religion, income, shapes, sizes, education, you name it. Here’s the best part, today, in 2015, in order for the Good Ole Boys to penetrate Trump’s space and retaliate against him, they must first go through the birthers. If they do that, the Republican Party won’t exist, it would be shattered beyond repair. If they do nothing, the Republican Party still won’t exist. It’s a lose, lose situation that they created for themselves. The moral of this story, “Beware, because sometimes the lie becomes the truth.”

How would you feel towards anyone, if you knew that he/she had signed a pledge to kiss someone’s azz, often and without hesitation? Would you forgive them, would you scorn them, what would you do? I don’t know about you, but I’ll forgive them, because their behavior is so freaking awesome, that for me, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So, no, I ain’t mad at butt kissers. They need love to. ;-D

Millions of Americans signed a pledge or two in their lifetime, and guess what, they won’t keep their promises to pledge allegiance to it, so dishonoring a pledge isn’t a big fuc*ing deal up in this bitch. However, some of us, are just too darn childish, too stuck in our ways, to growing wiser. Otherwise the only option is realizing that pledges are superficial, not worth the paper it’s written on. But, I’m thankful to those 16 Republican candidates who signed a pledge to kiss Trump’s azz, because they are gifts from Literary Heaven. Hey, all I can say is, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

As Hillary’s emails fade into the abyss, I’m betting that in order for Roger Ailes to fulfill his high opinion of himself, he will order his minions to drag out the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.  May I remind you that FOX’s came out of the gate honoring the sexual perverts in the Republican Party. You know, the same sexual perverts that were committing adultery, while casting stones at President Bill Clinton. They received a, Get Out Of Jail Free, card from FOX, and the rest is karma history.

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